Sometimes to reach for those lofty heights that we love to strive towards, it takes some experience and guidance to help us get there. We all have failures and flaws and gaining the guidance of a personal coach, may be just the ingredient to help you achieve those goals.

So, at Ultra Series, we have assembled a collection of independent coaches that can customise individual and personal plans and strategies to help you. All coaches are very individual, all with very different backgrounds and all with different approaches, but all with the one goals of helping you become a better runner.

So, read on below on what is involved, and get to know a little bit about our coaches, to see which may be the right fit for your future running plans.

The Basics – 3 different avenues from 6 different coaches:

Ultra Series Coaching 12 week plan:

        • Ultra Series Coaching requires from each Athlete to invest in an initial 12 week commitment.
        • This initial commitment ensures each Athlete is given the greatest opportunity to work towards their desired outcomes in a realistic and safe timeframe.
        • This initial 12week investment is $480.
        • Ongoing Coaching is available on a month by month basis and is charged at $40 per week.
        • Each Athlete is designed a bespoke training plan that is tailored to their needs.
        • USC understands that individual circumstances are unique and occasionally there may be reasons why a program may need to be paused. All Coaches are approachable and happy to negotiate a pause.
        • If for some reason the runner/coach relationship isn’t quite right, let us know and we will help you transition over to one of our other Coaches!

Aspire2 Coaching options:

        • Customised coaching plan updated weekly according to your experience, goals, progress and fitness.
        • A strong belief in strength work to compliment running progress with 2 strength sessions included in your weekly plans.
        • Training program through Training Peaks platform.
        • Week by week consultation with Jo.
        • Added bonus of the options to compliment with the Aspire2 Strength Training Videos
        • Pricing and plans all done direct with Aspire2 here
        • Read about Jo Wood below

The Ultra Coaching options:

        • Three different package options specifically tailored to those wanting to complete ultra marathons.
        • From ‘The Ultra Club’ membership giving you access through the Training Peaks platform including a personalised plan for 1 goal race, One-on-One coaching services and even the top level Platinum Coaching Plan to give you the ultimate foundation to reach for the stars (must be in South Australia for this option).
        • All customised through the watchful eye of ultra legend and founder Nick Muxlow – you can read more about the package options here
        • Read more about Nick Muxlow below


Meet our Coaches

Susan Grober

As a rookie runner back in 2010, Susan soon found her passion, not just for the sport, but in the community that inevitably becomes drawn to long distance running. What started as a commitment to getting fitter and ageing better, soon turned into a personal challenge to fulfil a lifelong dream of running a marathon, only to discover a whole other world of trail running and ultra marathon running along the way.

Like most newbie runners, she also experienced the lows of injury and became frustrated with the lack of understanding she was faced with from the allied health professionals she sought treatment from. The answer at the time from most was to rest which seemed both counter intuitive and nonsensical to her. So, in 2014 she decided to fulfil another lifelong dream in becoming a Physiotherapist.

Along the way, she coincidently also fell in love with Exercise and Sport Science and decided to combine both her passions for exercise, sport and physio with a double degrees at The University of Notre Dame.

Now a registered physiotherapist, in collaboration with Ultra Series WA and Tribe and Trail, Susan has found her home in her own clinic at The Long Run – Physio and Fitness. Here she has been able to focus both her passions. Helping to rehab her fellow endurance runners while providing strength training classes as a prehab tool to said runners in a bid to both improve their running economy and coincidently reduce their injury risk.

Her key motto is “Prevention is better than cure”.

Over one year in and with multiple coaching successes now under her belt – Not least of all coaching Australian Ultra Runner of the year 2021 – Sergio Gustinetti to a massive 20hr PB and 2nd place at Delirious WEST 200 miler – October 2021 and eventual winner of Delirious West 200 February 2022. She’s now excited to join the Ultra Series Coaching team with a view to guide more runners to their goals. She believes in a balance between running, strength and lifestyle. While goals are important, her focus will be the journey to get you there – mind and body. Under Susan’s guidance, she’ll help you navigate the balance of also finding longevity in the sport. After all – her view is always on – The Long Run.

Services include:

  • Couch to running (any distance)
  • Running injury rehabilitation
  • Return to running programs
  • Running coaching
  • Group Strength training for Trail and Ultra Runners
  • Strength for running programming
  • Strength for life
  • Manual therapies including – therapeutic massage, joint mobilisations and dry needling.
  • Pre and post race recovery sessions also available.

Josh Chugg

Josh grew up in rural Tassie and in his teenage years climbed up the ranks of national track and cross country running. Health issues forced him to step away from the sport in his early twenties.

Thankfully a desire to complete a marathon brought him back to the sport over a decade later. From there Josh rekindled his love of trail running and pursued ultras. In recent years Josh has proven himself as one of the top ultra trail runners in Australia. More importantly he has discovered the incredible camaraderie and spirit in the ultra running community and found his true passion in running coaching.

Josh has the experience and coaching knowledge to help advanced distance runners take the next step. However he gets just as much satisfaction out of helping novice runners take on a new challenge. His motivation comes from seeing runners achieve what they previously thought was impossible for them – through both physical and mental growth.

No matter what level you are trying to reach, Josh will tailor a personalised program and work with you to maximise the joy that running can bring to your life.

Wayne McMurtrie

Wayne’s coaching style focuses on building an understanding of what we are capable of, both Physically and Mentally through helping athletes to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Athletes are able to develop positive and sustainable habits from the structure and routine that comes with having a purpose. Training for a goal, be it your first 5km run or an ultra-distance race provides that purpose.

Wayne say’s that not only has he found purpose, but also belonging in the ultra-running community and has developed a real passion promoting the benefits of the sport.

Rob Donkersloot: Mind Focused Running

Rob doesn’t beat around the bush. He says that if you are the type of runner who just wants to improve fitness and physical technique to improve running performance, then he is not the coach for you. There are hundreds of other coaches out there who can help you with this.

However, if you are after help with solid appropriate preparation, and most importantly real assistance with winning the significant mental battles that come with ultra-running, then perhaps you should ask to talk to Rob.

Rob is currently coaching a number of runners using his ‘Mind Focused Running’ method. His current clients including Athletes representing Australian teams to runners yet to run their first ultra.

Most of those who work with Rob fit in the category of having run a few events from 50k to 100k, who know they made a few mistakes and would like to explore running further.


  • Weekly mental strategy sessions live on Zoom
  • Training program on Final Surge, including a meditation schedule (full program only)
  • Fortnightly one on one catch ups and feedback session.
  • Access to the Unique MFR Event / Race Planner App
  • Login access to member only resources and session notes

Jo Wood: Aspire2 Fitness & Coaching

  • Run Coach (Athletics Australia accredited Level 3 High Performance Coach [Middle & Long, Trail & Ultra])
  • Level 2 Accredited Coach with TrainingPeaks
  • Personal Trainer (Certificate IV-qualified)
  • Ph.D Immunology (Imperial College, London, UK)
  • B.Sc. Biochemistry (Hons) (Birmingham University, Birmingham, UK)

This is Jo’s story:

“I have come to love the process of achieving fitness goals, whilst experiencing personal growth along the way. Reaching the goal is empowering, but so too is the Journey. The sense of accomplishment is transferable to other areas of life (e.g. career, personal interests, lifestyle or relationships) via the same process: goal-setting, planning and consistent commitment. But by applying this approach to the achievement of a fitness goal, the process becomes ingrained. This is the story of how Aspire2 was born – out of living a busy and fulfilling life that has so far included: advanced University study (B.Sc. Biochemistry; PhD Immunology); a career as a Principal Medical Writer; a move from UK to Australia; being a Wife to Geoff and Mum to Leah and Kai; and many other happy events besides – whilst consistently maintaining running and running-related goals in my life. Importantly, I enlisted the help of an amazing Running Coach (Matty Abel of DBA Runners) in 2017 and the improvements in my personal running and racing experiences have been phenomenal. Collectively, these events have been instrumental in my decision to qualify as a Personal Trainer and Running Coach. I am passionate about helping others experience this Journey: choose a goal; make a plan; commit to- and accomplish it. What do YOU Aspire2?”.

Contact Jo Wood direct here

Nick Muxlow – The Ultra Journey

B.Human Movement and B.Education


Nick Muxlow has competed in endurance racing for 18 years. As a result he know’s what works and what doesn’t. The Ultra Journey was founded out of his passion to combine his love of running and allowing people to reach their full athletic potential. When these two combine the runners he coaches go on to achieve dreams they never through possible!

  • Founder and director of The Ultra Journey and The Kona Journey
  • Author of ‘Journey to 100’ and ‘Journey to Kona’
  • Triathlete since 2002, 7x Ironman finisher with a PB of 9.10
  • Running coach and fitness expert
  • Physical Education instructor
  • Former state level lacrosse player.
  • Contact Nick Muxlow direct here


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