24 parkruns in 24 hours

24 parkruns in 24 hours

Originally hatched as a crazy idea between a couple of mates back in 2017, it started as a quest to complete 16 parkruns in 24 hours around Perth. 16 was the magical number back then as parkruns where a little more scarce in those days and travel time was rather extreme.

Fast forward a few years and with a plethora of parkruns booming around the country, 24 parkruns in 24 hours has officially, unoffically become a thing!

Now, we have the unique opportunity to support so many wonderful charities with this fatass (fully self sufficient) fun format as people strive to complete what only very few have done around the country. With events slated for Perth, Adelaide, Sydney,ย  and Tasmania, you shouldn’t have to travel too far to be involved.

Each state will be raising funds for their own charity the local running community is passionate about and all we suggest, is that runners donate a $24 “entry fee” towards that state’s fundraising goals, whether running 1, 5 or all 24 parkruns over the 24 hours.

We must stress, that these charity runs are nothing sanctioned and nothing official (apart from generally just the first parkrun of the 24) but we do provide a fatassย  guideline and spreadsheet format with a few volunteer hosts at each “event” to keep things rolling along. Ultra Series accepts no liability whatsoever for these fatass runs and each runner is responsible for their own self care, responsible for having their own crews , supplies and support drivers.

The Concept

  • Try to run 24 parkruns within 24 hours (or anything in between)
  • Stick to the dedicated spreadsheet timetable that is created for each location
  • Suggested $24 donation in lieu of any entry fee, towards the nominated charity
  • Nothing official. Nothing sanctioned. Just all good ‘organised’ chaos between a great group of mates all for a magnificent local cause.
  • Each runner is responsible for their own supplies and transport. support drivers and car pooling highly recommended.
  • Each location will have some volunteer hosts to stick to the timing schedule.
  • Runners are responsible for downloading each parkrun course and doing their homework on the routes as no guarantees for having a guide at each location (especially difficult in the darker hours).
  • If you fall behind the schedules, feel free to skip a parkrun or two and join in again where you desire.
  • only runners that complete 24 parkruns in 24 hours will be added to the honour roll.
  • options to run repetitive parkruns in remote/rural areas.


Hundreds have tried, few have conquered. Hereis a list of those that have completed this monumental, some say slightly sadistic, fun run.

RunnerSexDate CompletedLocation
Phil GoreMaleNov 17/18, 2018Perth, WA
Shaun KaeslerMaleNov 17/18, 2018Perth, WA
Michael HookerMaleOct 12/13, 2019Perth, WA
Holly RansonFemaleJan 14/15, 2023Adelaide, SA
Keeton HarwickMaleJan 14/15, 2023Bunbury, WA
Frank ChauveauMaleJan 14/15, 2023Busselton, WA
Robert ParsonsMaleJan 14/15, 2023Perth, WA
Michael HeadMaleJan 14/15, 2023Perth, WA
Cameron HoreMaleJan 14/15, 2023Perth, WA
Adam DolbyMaleJan 14/15, 2023Perth, WA


24 parkruns in 24 hours

6th Jan 2024

๐Ÿ“ Cowpasture Reserve parkrun, Camden, NSW

24 individual parkrun courses throughout Sydney

Charity: The Run Beyond Project


24 parkruns in 24 hours

6th Jan 2024

๐Ÿ“ ย Belair parkrun, SA

24 individual parkrun courses throughout Adelaide

Charity: Tumbelin Farm


24 parkruns in 24 hours

6th Jan 2024

๐Ÿ“ ย Devonport parkrun, TAS

Multiple parkruns on a handful of parkrun courses around Devonport

Charity: Tasmania Bike Collective


24 parkruns in 24 hours

13th Jan 2024

๐Ÿ“ Garvey parkrun, WA

24 individual parkrun courses throughout Perth

Charity: On My Feet